Rethinking Insurance

It’s time for scalable digital solutions to support and build your insurance business.


Reach new markets easily and effectively with a 100% digital platform backed by Munich Re’s reputation and expertise


All the tools and tactics you need to engage your customers, scale distribution and increase revenue streams.


Parachute does the work for you, seamlessly connecting, engaging, and addressing the insurance needs of your employees in


Easily add value and services for your customers by providing white-labelled, turnkey, fully-supported, and 100% digital insurance products and solutions.

Redefining Insurance

Redefining insurance solutions to be more efficient, relevant, up-to-date, and easy-to-use.


Real-time underwriting and immediate fulfillment.


Know your customers: Provide products and solutions based on life stage.


Data-enabled underwriting, product design, and marketing.


Multi-carrier, product agnostic platform putting the power in your customer’s hands.

Redesigning Insurance

Leveraging technology to provide tools and tactics for a more transparent and efficient insurance industry.

& Acquisition

Customized, user-specific marketing strategies, tools and tactics designed to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right way.

& Underwriting

Real-time, easy-to-use, autonomous platform and process for customers.

Policy Management
& Re-engagement

Self-directed support and service and dynamic product recommendations based on member needs.

Parachute’s Mission

Parachute, a Munich Re company, is a fully digital end-to-end platform offering an array of insurance and protection solutions with our partners. With state-of-the-art technology and all-round service capabilities creating a seamless, streamlined user experience, Parachute connects all constituents of the ecosystem together and into the future.

Launched from the shoulders of giants.

As a Munich Re company, Parachute Digital Solutions is a multi-dimensional, strategically-minded machine with the soul of a startup, and the backing and resources of a global Fortune 500 organization.

Our goal:
Look to the future. Build an end-to-end digital insurance solution to support carriers, brokers, employers, and retailers.